Crunching the Numbers on Legal CPD in 2021


Infographic about Legal CPD trends in 2021.



According to the latest statistics from the legal CPD year of 2020/2021, there's a clear trend on what lawyers are focusing on developing: soft skills. Lawyers' success depends on their ability to deal effectively with a variety of people, to establish trust as well as respond to multiple challenges at once - and soft skills are pivotal to achieve such results. We've collected some statistics to help you plan upcoming legal CPD activities and future proof your legal career.





CPD Trends in Focus: Enhancing Soft Skills 

Combined with strong legal expertise, soft skills can be a powerful tool to boost your legal career. Here are 3 key areas lawyers have been focusing on in 2021.


Boost Leadership Capabilities 

Lawyers with leadership skills can motivate, inspire trust, and have strong problem-solving skills. Regardless of their seniority, a good leader is also great at helping other team members to become even better lawyers. In turn, this translates to increased productivity and profitability and the potential for a faster advancement.


Build Emotional Intelligence 

Legal professionals with high Emotional Intelligence (or Emotional Quotient, EQ) are better at understanding and managing their own emotions - and the emotions of others. This leads to better relationships, negotiations and collaborations.

By working on developing your EQ, you'll be in a strong position to overcome personal and professional challenges, empathize with others, and successfully communicate with clients and other stakeholders during your professional career.


Refine Influencing Skills

Lawyers who can effectively exercise influence can encourage clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders to buy into new points of view on different topics.

Refining your influencing skills is a great way to make more of an impact in your role, feel more meaningful, and improve job satisfaction. In addition, clients will regard you as a trusted advisor - a great accomplishment for any practicing lawyer.


More Lawyers Choose Interactive Online Learning

Is interactive online learning as effective as face-to-face lectures? The answer is yes. The Research Institute of America concluded that students who study online retain 25-60% more material compared to students who learn in a face-to-face setting.

In addition, participants in online learning absorb nearly 5 times more material - without increasing the time spent in training. Try one of our interactive online courses today to see how interactive online learning can help you get CPD compliant. 


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If you're already planning to get a head start for the new CPD year, you can use these statistics as a guide to help you choose your next legal CPD activities.


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